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Yoga & Mindfulness Summer Retreat

NEW DATE Friday 14th-Sunday 16th AUGUST 2020 NEW DATE

at West Lexham Manor in Norfolk

Yoga is not so much in the doing but in the undoing…..

The word ‘’retreat’’ means to withdraw from enemy forces.


Retreat away to this beautiful venue with peaceful surroundings, enjoy freshly prepared vegetarian meals, energize with the physical practice, rest and digest with the slower Yin practices. Find inner stillness through Mindfulness and Meditation.


On this summer weekend retreat, you will learn how to recognize unhelpful habits and destructive thoughts through the practice of Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness.

You will learn how Yoga is a practice of mind training, and how our thoughts can become clouded through perception and expectation.


Life is about finding balance, this is the Yin and Yang. Learning how to find stillness within movement, and movement within stillness, through developing our conscious awareness, not just on our Yoga mat, but in the way we live our life.


What is included:                                                                 What is not included:

- 2 nights accommodation                                                   - Transfer to and from venue

- Meals and refreshments                                                     - Alcohol

- All Yoga and Meditation classes                                        - Extra one to one tuition

- Use of outdoor pool and surroundings

Price :

£495.00 per person in a double room or £350.00 in a shared (4 single beds)

Take advantage of our ‘’bring a friend for half price’’.


£150 non-refundable deposit upon booking. Balance due by 15th July.

Retreat Date

About Paula:


Paula has been teaching Yoga for 20 years, and her passion for both the physical, as well as mental benefits of this incredible practice shines through in her teaching.


She runs a Yoga and Wellness centre, as well as heading the Yoga Teacher Training facility within the business.

Even though Paula loves creating inspiring sequences, she places great importance on integrating the philosophies into this ancient practice to maintain its authenticity.

Contact us for more information and bookings.  

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